Everybody and his brother is in Cuba these days shooting objective images of what we all fear may soon be history. Indeed, a view of Havana's crumbling colonial architecture will certainly lose a certain appeal when you can clearly see a Starbucks in the image. Few of these photographers, however, are coming home with images that capture a people and place on a deeper, more personal level. Versace is one of those photographers and we are honored to be able to work with him to print, mount and display some of the most poignant of these images.

The exhibition, which runs from September 21 through October 16, 2015, includes 12 pieces of which seven are color and five black and white. The color images were captured with a Nikon D750 and a 28-300mm lens. The black and whites are all infrared and were captured with a modified Nikon D800 to record in the near infrared part of the spectrum. All of the images were printed on an Epson 9900 using HDR K3 pigmented inks on Epson Premium Semimatte paper and mounted to iBond with a lustre UV-blocking overlaminate.